Our Mission To You | Why We Exist

Pax Home Goods

At our core, we're all artists and creatives. All across the world, throughout the ages, we all have a desperate need to express ourselves.


All around the globe there are cultures who have unique ways of interacting with their environment to express themselves, their traditions, and heritage. Whether it’s ceramics, painting, textiles, etc.


We look to explore and discover all the creative expressions the world has to offer. 


To curate the world for you. To allow you to express yourself in your own way, in your own home. 


We hope that you can find something from somewhere that you resonate with and feel connected to.


This is the collective achievements and history of all of us. We hope by telling these stories and curating these pieces we can preserve our history, our cultural expressions, and our traditions.


We have so much more in store and are truly grateful for everyone on this journey with us.


We hope you can find inspiration in the colorful world we live in.

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