Who we are

Pax consist of a small team of creatives working to build an institution of exploration

Where we're going

We aim to be a nucleus of exchange and discovery in everything the world has to offer

How it all got started...

It all started with a single plane ticket. A spontaneous leap of faith on a journey around the world. Astounded by the incredible artisans we'd meet, stories to be told, and traditions to be preserved.

Every trip bringing back suitcases full of textiles, ceramics, crafts, and stories to be shared. These experiences opened our eyes to a whole world of design and inspiration that exists around the world

It was difficult coming home to America where large home goods retailers offer over-priced decor of poor quality craftsmanship and uninspired designs.

This became the genesis for what was to become Pax. Working with artisans around the world to source truly remarkable home goods, in a time of mass production.

In this way, we can help preserve and purvey the stories and traditions of artists around the globe as well as cultivate a world where the objects around us are made with intent.