How to style a couch with throw pillows

Learning the right elements to style a couch with pillow cushions is the best way to bring a designer’s touch to your home. Playing with different colors, patterns, and textures can tie the whole room together and create a more curated atmosphere in any space.

1) Start with a focal point

Choose one or two pillows that’ll serve as the focal point of your arrangement. These pillows can feature a bold pattern you like, some vibrant colors, or unique texture. You can start with this focal point and build on your pillow arrangement from there.

2) Play with size and scale

Try mixing pillows of different shapes and sizes to add visual interest. For example here, we have large square pillows with two smaller square pillows in front, all building to a bold pattern lumbar pillow. This brilliantly creates a layered look that’s visually pleasing. 

3) Consider texture

One of the most overlooked design elements, pillow cushions with different textures bring depth and intrigue into a room. Think about mixing thick woven wool, velvets, faux fur, or woven fabric designs. This contrast in texture brings an upscale touch to any sofa.

4) Don't over do it! Unless you want to…

While mixing and matching any pillow arrangement, you can be subtle or you can be bold. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, it’s all about finding a style that speaks to you. 

Playing around with these design tips and inspiration can help bring that designer touch when styling your couch, sofa, or reading nook

Try starting with a focal point to build your pillow arrangement off of in size, scale, and design. If you're looking for that extra edge when styling your design, think about incorporate textured throw pillows. Most importantly, design to your tastes. This is your home sanctuary, every curated accent piece and element is an opportunity for you to express yourself and curate a home that's uniquely you

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Now you know how to style...

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