How to choose the right throw pillows for your sofa, couch, or bed

Design elements to keep in mind

Throw pillows can be the perfect accent piece that ties a whole room together or act as the final touch statement piece you’ve been looking for. Playing with different patterns, designs, layers, and styles is a great way to curate a home that’s uniquely you. Think about these three must have throw pillows when you’re curating your home sanctuary.

Floral Throw Pillows

Floral pillow designs are a great way to bring life into a room. Flowers and the natural world have provided endless inspiration for artisans from every culture all around the world for millennia.

Floral designs are great to pull a room together or be the stand alone statement piece. Playing around with patterns and colors can be a great start to creating a more curated home. We have a soft spot for floral pillow designs here and you can find many pieces for inspiration here.

Geometric Throw Pillows

Pillow cushions with geometric designs can bring a modern and contemporary touch to any space in your home. Keep in mind designs such as stripes, herringbone, or any other repeatable motifs, they can always layer well with other pillows.

They’re versatile designs that can blend well into any space from maximalist to minimalist and contemporary to traditionalist. No matter the home, geometric pillow cushions can always add a sophisticated touch.

You can explore this sophisticated pillow here.

Textured Throw Pillows

The most overlooked, throw pillows with textured designs and materials always bring an elevated, designer touch to any room. Textured elements such as velvets, fur, or woven designs always bring visual interest and depth to any space.

Textured pillow cushions are always eye-catching pieces that create a tactile experience and can make your couch appear more luxurious and inviting.

It’s the little details that matter when creating a curated home.

When looking for the best throw pillows for your home, consider geometric designs, florals, and textured elements. Bringing together all these design elements is a perfect place to start when creating a home that is uniquely you

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