What makes our throw pillows a stitch above the rest

Pax Home Goods

Throw pillows need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing

A good throw pillow looks good, a great throw pillow feels good too. You'll find many of our pillows have the design on the front and a plush velvet or faux suede backing. The front brings the visuals and the back brings the comfort, for a pillow that elevates the room and makes it cozier. It costs a little extra to have a curated backing fabric of velvet or faux suede, but it’s the little details that make our pillows a curated part of your home.

We're in the pillow business, not insert business

Every pillow we offer comes with the option to include a plush insert with your order. We offer these inserts at cost(insert cost + the associated shipping). We make no money on our inserts. We are in the business of offering truly remarkable home goods, not hocking over priced inserts. 

This is something we're passionate about. There’s no worse feeling than receiving the pillow you’re excited about and realizing you missed the fine print that said “insert not included”. You then go back on the website and be shocked to find the inserts are more than half the price of the cover(even worse you buy the insert and find it’s the wrong size!). 

That’s not how we do things around here at Pax Home Goods. A complete pillow - no fine print.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts

We don’t use down feather inserts, it's our personal stance. We hold no judgment for other home decor firms who do, although that’s an animal by-product industry we don’t care to perpetuate. All of our inserts are filled with a special luxury down alternative polyester material that’s made to mimic the plush feel of down and still retain its form over time. It’s hypoallergenic, it’s ethical, no feathers to poke you, doesn’t get musty over time, and is just as fluffy, if not fluffier. These inserts are double the price of your conventional polyester inserts, although if it would be anything other than the best, it wouldn’t be Pax.



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